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Rate Builder
Rate Builder allows you to build complex pricing schedules based on various methods, such as occupancy, departure date, or a range of dates. There is also support for building schedules of complex cruise line pricing.

Site Builders
Travel Builders: The WebArc software leads you through the steps of building your catalog using intuitive software we call TravelBuilders. Here are the key components and their function.

Feature Builder
Feature Builder allows you to add highlights to each travel package, such as destinations, ports of call, theaters, hotels or any feature you can dream up.

Package Builder
You begin creating your web-based catalog in the Package Builder. Build each of your travel packages with a name and description, choose custom photos & route maps, and much more.

Schedule Builder
Schedule Builder allows you to assign departure dates, length of the tour, number of meals availability and a base price.

Itinerary Builder
With Itinerary Builder, you can build a day-by-day itinerary for each travel package. Point and click each meal that is included on that day.

Custom Package Builder
Custom Package Builder allows you to build a package that is specifically for a pre-formed group, group leader or receptive services. A customized group tour can be built and then privately showcased to the group leader and members. Catalogs of example group tours and receptive packages can be built easily as well.

InfoBlocks and InfoLists
InfoBlocks: InfoBlocks allow you to change virtually any text on you web site using your web browser.

InfoLists: InfoLists allow you to build and manage lists of information unique to your company and publish that information to the Internet re: restaurants, hotels, museums etc.

NEW! Newsletter Builder: Allows you to create colorful, electronic newsletters. Create articles and pull tour information from your on-line catalog with a click of the button.

WebArc for Packaged Travel
WebArc for Packaged Travel is a software application that allows tour operators to self-administrate every aspect of their web site. As tour operators offer new tours or add new departure dates for a tour, they can update their web site to reflect the new information. Virtually all content appearing on your web site can be updated from any web browser and is instantly available to the Internet audience.

Website Design and Construction
1. Ease of navigation: Our web sites have a very flat hierarchy. This means that the web user will not have to drill down through excessive web pages to locate the product that interests them. You can literally search for and view a tour within three clicks from the enter page. The WebArc search functionality is arguably the most sophisticated among tour operators on the Internet today.

2. Professional and unique designs: We employ talented graphic designers who strive to create unique travel web sites. We also have a library consisting of thousands of high-resolution travel photos and we are constantly adding new images to this library.

3. Quality web experience for the consumer: We realize that not everyone has a DSL or cable modem connection. We realize that not everyone has a 21-inch monitor. We strive to balance eye-catching graphics that look good on both large and small displays.

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